School Psychology Awareness Week

School Psychology Awareness Week 2016 starts on Monday the 14th!

The theme is Small Steps Change Lives, and school psychologists across the country team up with students, parents, and school faculty to change lives each day. This week is designed to share exactly what school psychologists are doing in the schools to impact the future of education.


So who are school psychologists? We are highly trained in topics relating to child development, educational psychology, counseling, assessment, and interventions (60+ graduate school hours). While the main focus of school psychology has previously been administering psychological evaluations to determine whether children are eligible for special education, roles are increasingly diverse. As a practicum student, I did a great deal of counseling at the elementary school level. As an intern I had a larger role in developing interventions and collaborating with teachers to help students succeed. These days, I do lots of testing, and I love working one on one with students to uncover their strengths and help them grow. Click here to find out more!

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